What we do

We promote the rights of disabled people across all the services we provide: Employment, Youth, Welfare Benefits and Direct Payments. 

We ensure that disabled people can make informed decisions about their own lives.

We work to see a fairer, more inclusive society and we challenge discrimination if we see it.

We work in partnership with other organisations promoting the rights of disabled people, because we are stronger together.


We support disabled Londoners both looking for work and in work. 

We are a partner on a number of supported internships in West London for young people.

We work with employers to make sure that their workplace is inclusive.

Welfare Benefits

Service available to Hammersmith & Fulham residents only

We provide support to ill and disabled people of all ages living in Hammersmith and Fulham, with a free and independent benefits service. We support with all welfare benefits up to and including 1st tier Tribunal level.


We work with young disabled Hammersmith and Fulham residents aged 11 to 25. 

We make sure young people can take part in activities they choose, and support them to reach their full potential.


Direct Payment Support

Service available to Hammersmith & Fulham residents only

Money is made available by Hammersmith and Fulham Council to individuals who are eligible for social care services. This is called a Direct Payment.

A Direct Payment gives you the opportunity to purchase your own support. The goal is to empower you by giving you more flexibility, choice and control over how services are provided to you. 

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